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October 13, 2016

The Perfect Holiday Blanket Gift for All Elite Team Fans

*This is a sponsored article for Elite Team. All opinions are my own.

True, it is still only October, but the holiday season will be here before we know it now.

So what do you get the “elite team” fan in your life?

Well, my elite team fan is a big football fan. Specifically he is an elite fan of the NY Giants football team.

My elite team fan is also one of the most difficult persons as far as holiday gift shopping goes. He will tell me months in advance what he would like. Usually some sort of video games top his list. 

But I hate just purchasing something that he expects. Don’t get me wrong. I will most likely buy him video games on his list.

However, I still am on the lookout for something special to surprise him with.

Well, as luck would have it, I was recently contacted by Elite Team.

They introduced me to their Northwest Company’s Denali® MicroPlush luxury NFL, Collegiate licensed and CR7 Fandemonium blankets.

Shh! It is a surprise though. Thus, why my littlest elite fans helped me out with this…

But why Elite Team blankets?

1. Only the finest in craftsmanship.

First, Elite Team blankets are made with the best materials.  See Elite Team takes great pride in their workmanship. Therefore, they do all the little things by hand, which makes a big difference in their blankets. 

 These MicroPlush® blankets are the most comfortable and premium sports teams’ blankets on the market.  Also, each blanket has two blankets hand-stitched and sewn together. Plus their blankets are 44% larger. At 60”x 72”  (153cm x 183cm), this ensures that there is enough blanket for not just one elite fan, but to share with a fellow fan, too.

2. Made in the USA.

Their blankets are 100% American-made products. So buy with pride knowing that these blankets are made in US.

3. Offer an excellent customer service experience.

They also have world-class customer service. Their blankets are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Also, they have a no hassle return policy.

4. They are machine washable.

Elite Fan blankets are also made to survive the washing machine. Let’s face it blankets need laundering from time-to-time. Well, these blankets are made to be washed and dried, too. They actually get softer with every wash! 

5. Have NO bleeding colors.

Not only can these survive washing and drying them, but the colors don’t bleed.  Therefore, these blankets have long lasting and rich colors from day one that will last for years after.

6. Temperature control is built in.

Elite Team blankets are actually also created with billions of air pockets that help to keep your body temperature regulated whether in cold or warm temperatures. Basically it is like having a body temperature thermometer right in each blanket.

Totally the perfect gift for my elite fan! Although, my littlest fans may not want to give this blanket up to their father after getting their hands on it!

So what are you waiting for?

Right now there is free shipping on all domestic orders above $99. Plus, they have you covered in case you aren’t sure which team blanket your Elite fan would love. 


Elite Team offers gift cards ranging from $50 to $150.

Plus for Confessions Readers, you can use the code Janine10 to get 10% off all blanket orders.

Which blanket will you get your elite team fan?

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